ReMedia for the consumer

We live in a society in which increasing affluence and buoyant consumerism necessitate a committed response to the question of "Waste". 


For years ReMedia has been a key contributor in raising the level of concern and awareness in this regard.  To engineer a shift in mentality from "waste" to "recycling" means drawing the general public, households,  and the young into a discussion on the future of the environment.  
If a modern recycling-oriented society is to be created that turns waste to good account, protects our health, and safeguards the planet, there has to be general recognition of the problem at a public level.


Today the annual output of electrical and electronic waste per capita is over 14 Kg. Though in Italy the European annual per capita target of 4 kg of WEEE collected and sent for proper treatment has been achieved, we must together advance the progress along this route.


More can be done: ReMedia has undertaken numerous initiatives to increase awareness and to provide correct information!