ReMedia NoteBooks

A series of mini-books started in 2009 through which ReMedia provides detailed information on aspects of WEEE



Q4. 1contro1 (september 2010)

A vademecum on the requirements of the Simplification Decree for Shops, Large Scale Retailing, Technical Assistance Centres and Installers.



Q3. Revision of the WEEE: what point are we at? (March 2010)

Initial thoughts on the proposal to revise the WEE Directive, as formulated by the European Commission.



Q2. ReMedia plant network for treating WEEE in Italy. Operating structure and performance (July 2009)

In 2005 ReMedia began a process of ensuring the quality of and selecting the best plants in Italy, an undertaking that entails an audit aimed at measuring levels of environmental performance. This issue of ReMedia Notebooks offers an overall assessment of the audit carried out at the partner of the Consortium.



Q1. How to choose and assess a WEEE Collective Compliance Scheme (January 2009)

What are the criteria for choosing a WEEE Collective Compliance Scheme in a multi-consortium context?
Observations clarifying the characteristics, the structure, and the true scale of the Italian multi-consortium system forhandling WEEE.