With technology unstoppably finding its way everywhere in modern society, our responsibility does not begin and end merely with our use of it.   We incur further responsibility when technologies reach the end-of-life stage. 
Indeed, it is at this point that a whole new dimension comes into its own, one barely known and of vital importance for environmental sustainability:  one concerned with the delicate procedures for disposing of hazardous substances and the recovery of many precious materials.


There is a need, accordingly, to ensure proper availability of information on the importance of the right handling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and waste batteries and accumulators.


The number of initiatives set in motion by ReMedia over recent years is considerable.  Its passion for the environment finds expression in tangible action to circulate information and raise the level of awareness among producers, the general public, institutions, and the younger generation to jointly establish recycling as a new way of thinking.


Added to this it continually invests in Research and Innovation that involve its own in-house personnel and cooperation with major university centres (such as the Milan Polytechnic  or Sapienza University), international research centres (Centro Interuniversitario High Tech Recycling), and a continual exchange of know how through the WEEE Forum.