Producers, importers, and installers: this is what you need to know

Producers or importers of photovoltaic plants will have specific obligations by the 30th of June 2012 you can rely on ReMedia for the collection and proper recycling of any photovoltaic plant  component - panels, inverters, cables, connectors etc..  Our operational model enables us to make prompt collection at a competitive cost across the whole of Italy.

In addition, ReMedia has a service specifically for producers and importers of photovoltaic units. It enables them to meet their obligations under article 11, paragraph 6, of the Ministerial Decree of 5th May 2011, as well as any subsequent obligations brought in by European Directives and by the respective national legislation, in that ReMedia is committed to complying with those obligations.

Under the above article of law there are requirements  relating to plants that enter into operation after 30th June 2012.  Together with the documentation required for plants being commissioned before that date, the entity responsible must forward to the GSE a certificate issued by the producer of the photovoltaic plant evidencing its membership of a collective compliance scheme or European consortium which guarantees that, through the producer, it will be responsible for recycling the photovoltaic units at the end of their operating life.

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Photovoltaic equipment: a sector enjoying robust growth

Total photovoltaic power available in Italy now exceeds 11 GW (October 2011) while the number of plants in operation has topped more than 300,000 thanks to new installations. 
The fact is, the production of photovoltaic plants  in 2010 was up by 182% and the trend in installations for the year in course points to Italy being ranked number one in the world for power brought on stream in 2011.
By the end of this year, overall power in operation in Italy  could stand as high as 12 GW and thenumber of plants could be in the order of 350,000

It is estimated that the average operating life of a photovoltaic panel is 20-25 years.  Their end-of-life stage is just as important because there are numerous materials that can be recovered in photovoltaic panels: protective glass, aluminium in the frame, active semiconductor material (which in most cases is crystalline silicon), costly metals making up the electrodes (silver is an example), added to which there is copper, plastic etc..