Until just a few decades ago almost all waste was disposed of in landfill sites.  Landfills, however, make claims on local land use, do nothing to recover resources, and become a hoard for hazardous substances in the ground.


Accordingly, they mean harm to the environment and to public health.


The European Union, followed by the Member States, has brought in measures to create a waste-handling approach that can contain environmental impact: waste avoidance and reduction with, downstream, action to reuse and recover materials and, finally, safe disposal.


The above provisions apply also to waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and also to used batteries and accumulators. 
This waste must therefore be pre-sorted or collected separately to enable it to be treated using processes that reduce the need  for landfills and encourage recycling.

Achieving this ambitious result is the task of us all.

ReMedia, using a top level operating model (VRS®) handles all types of WEEE efficiently and safely.