Quality and environmental protection

A culture of sustainability is very much at the heart of the organisation of the Consortium. 
ReMedia is committed to being transparent about its aims and its work with unflinching professionalism and it attains a level of excellence in operation and as well as certifying the environmental benefit resulting from its recycling.


For this reason it has adopted the corporate organizational model as provided in Law 231, and so that it can cope with the high volume of technological waste handled during the year - over 67,000 tonnes of WEEE sent for proper treatment of 2016, a 99% level of punctuality in the service, and as much as 92% of material recycled - the Consortium has steadily invested in models, tools, procedures, and systems.

Indeed, achieving aims of excellence and quality while minimising risk of error has necessitated the adoption of an integrated operating model, known as the Value Recycling System ® based on the Environmental Safety, Quality, and Management certification system (ISO 9001 and 14001).


Control over waste management processes, certainty that they have been properly treated, and verification of the results are key elements in the work of the Consortium. ReMedia ensures:

  • Proper compliance with its legal duties in its waste collection, recovery, and recycling service
  • Standards of excellence and commitment to non-stop improvement, through the application of a high-level of professional skill  
  • Prevention of situations that can lead to an adverse impact on the environment, and safety in the workplace using best environmental technology
  • Satisfaction of the stakeholders thanks to the sharing of aims, and to their participation and knowledge of the general commitment of the Consortium in efforts to safeguard the environment.
  • Quality of suppliers and partners and continuous action to promote their awareness  of the role they play in the system
  • Monitoring of company indicators and of the results achieved
  • Use of integrated information systems devised for the specific needs of the Consortium and its Partners
  • Use of a top-level operating model known as Value Recycling System ®