The General Assembly is the main decision-making body of ReMedia: it approves the annual accounts of the Consortium, defines its strategies and goals, adopts resolutions on operating and organisational plans and it elects the Board of Directors, made up of 17 representatives of its member businesses and the associations.

Chairman: Walter Rebosio - Mitsubishi Electric Europe

Deputy Chairman: 

Dario Bisogni - Panasonic Italia

Nicola Morchio - Iper

Board Members:

  • Marcello Borsetti - Citizen Watch Italy

  • Luca Busillo - JVCKenwood Italia
  • Alessandro Cernigliaro - ePRICE
  • Luigi Cioffi - Philips
  • Gianluca Di Pietro - Hisense
  • Claudio Formisano - Master Music         

  • Alessandro Frigerio - Panasonic Energy Europe
  • Stefano Germagnoli - Daikin Italy 
  • Antonio Giacomucci - ABB           

  • Maurizio Iorio - Andec
  • Riccardo Pasini - Expert Italy
  • Paolo Rossi - Sharp Electronics Italia

  • Paolo Taverna – Assogiocattoli
  • Luca Tomassini - FAAM


The Team

ReMedia is a compact organisation operating with the services of a strong team.

The management:            

  • General Manager:  Danilo Bonato
  • Communications and Public Relations: Fabrizia Gasperini

Technical staff:    

  • Member Care: Claudia Canciani, Francesca Pizzorno
  • Marketing and Communication: Angela Francolino
  • Project manager: Salvatore Albanese, Isabella Capurso